QWAH – Humane Society Visit

Last month, the staff of Queensway West Animal Hospital spent an entire evening at the Humane Society of Ottawa-Carleton volunteering their time and veterinary expertise to spay and neuter several dogs and cats.



We arrived to have an orientation from one of the technicians at the humane society and then set to work. Both Dr. Duns and Dr. Morrison performed surgery at the same time. The technicians, Mary, Dawna and Andrea, anesthetized and prepared the animals for surgery and then monitored anesthesia during the surgery.



Amanda helped with preparing the animals and was also in charge of monitoring the recovering animals. Sara assisted wherever needed and also made sure to take plenty of pictures to document our evening. Finally, Dr. Morrison’s daughter, Paige, was on hand to observe and was given the all-important task of naming any of the puppies and kittens who did not already have a name.



In total, we spayed 5 cats and neutered 2 cats and 2 dogs.  In addition, we microchipped each one of them and vaccinated those which needed it.

The Humane Society was kind enough to feed us and ordered plenty of delicious pizza for everyone (no, we didn’t have to eat dog and cat chow!).

We all had a very enjoyable evening while being able to provide much needed help to a worthy organization. We enjoyed getting to see “behind the scenes” at the Humane Society. It is a beautiful facility and well worth a visit for anyone who loves animals. We hope to be able to repeat the experience in the future.