• Parasites

    It is important to make sure your pet is protected against ticks, heartworm, fleas and intestinal parasites. We know that ticks become active whenever temperatures reach 4 degrees Celsius or above. As our weather changes rapidly and can be unpredictable, we are recommending year-round tick prevention to protect your pet from diseases transmitted by ticks. Ticks ...
  • Should I have my pet insured?

    Should I have my pet insured?
    The short answer to this question is YES! We strongly recommend that all our clients obtain health and accident insurance for their pets. If you think you don’t need to insure your pets or feel it may not be worth the expense, you should ask yourself the following question: If my pet got sick or had ...
  • Over the counter pain medications

    As a pet owner, you hate to see your dog or cat in pain. Therefore, many pet owners will try to help reduce their pet’s pain by giving them human, rather than veterinary, medications that they have found effective in alleviating their own pain or that of their children. After all, “if it helped me/my ...
  • Old Age is Not a Disease

    While there are many diseases that are seen more frequently as pets get older, arthritis being arguably the most common, old age itself is not a disease. There is no cure or treatment for old age, but there most certainly are treatments for arthritis and some of the other diseases associated with aging. On a daily ...
  • QWAH – Humane Society Visit

    QWAH - Humane Society Visit
    Last month, the staff of Queensway West Animal Hospital spent an entire evening at the Humane Society of Ottawa-Carleton volunteering their time and veterinary expertise to spay and neuter several dogs and cats.   We arrived to have an orientation from one of the technicians at the humane society and then set to work. Both Dr. Duns ...
  • Queensway West Animal Hospital’s First Veterinary Blog

    Queensway West Animal Hospital’s First Veterinary Blog
    Hello and welcome to Queensway West Animal Hospital’s first veterinary blog! Queensway West Animal Hospital is a veterinary clinic located in Kanata, Ontario. We offer a comprehensive range of veterinary services with an emphasis on promoting wellness and preventative medicine within a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Please visit our website at to learn more ...